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Professional Photographers: Stop Gatekeeping knowledge and bullying other beginning photographers!

I am seeing so many things being flown around and all of these Facebook photography groups and Facebook small business groups.

I am so busy. I cannot keep track of what my “competition” is doing. I do not have time to be going at ragging on people online. “Your prices are too small and you're cutting the market for people like me…” and “I've been doing it for over a decade. Blah, blah blah.”

I don't have time for this. I'm All right, I am in my own lane and I'm making money for my family.

So if you are a professional act like a professional, don't make on all these Facebook groups and ragging on all these amateur and hobbyist photographers or just starting out photographers that are really trying to get into the market is not going to help them saying negative comments.

We need to do better. What is going to help them? “Hey, I would love to do a mentoring session with you.” “I would love to talk with you when I want to get a coffee with you, so that I can share some of the things and Coach you, and teach you,” …”what is good and what a good price point is like,” this is what I do.

I go and I, and if I see someone online, that's maybe struggling, maybe their prices are a little bit low. I go, DM them, and I say, “I would love to just ask me anything for a whole hour free of charge.” I don't even care about the money at this point. “Just let me know questions that you have for me.” “Let's problem-solve”. And usually that does roll into like, “hey I would love to pay for mentorship.” “I would love to pay for e- classes” because I have all these be classes and courses that I can send people if they want if they approached me for more. If not - I have entirely courses for free that I can give them a “free” coupon or whatever, 50% off coupon or whatever.

Because from me education is power knowledge is Power. So I would rather Empower someone to know how to run their business and to know how to do what they need to do, instead of me getting All the Money. For me, emparting the knowledge, instead of gatekeeping, keeping all this stuff guys, there is enough to go around.

I've been doing this for over a decade. I have multiple social media accounts, pumping our stuff, I have multiple merchandisers, pumping our stuff. I have multiple e-courses.

We own like four businesses. In this point, I could care less what some photographers charging for their family sessions, I don't care guys, Prodessionals shouldn't care if they're really a professional and they really are successful in my eyes.

I may ruffle a lot of feathers. I'm sorry. Unfollow me, please do not gate-keep knowledge. Please be a community Builder, a bridge builder, and start sharing your knowledge instead of saying mean words. hateful comments.

That's just me guys. Love y'all. If you guys need anything business-related, send me a DM. DM, I would love to do a virtual chat with you ask me anything, like, whatever. I don't care.

Okay, everything that I've learned has been through YouTube, experience and failure, so you know what? Pick my brain. I do not care because now, you don't have to go through a decade of failure.

You don't have to go through a decade of buying crap. You don't need, you don't have to do a decade of living off the government assistance. government assistance with tiny kids in a tiny apartment. to make ends meet.

I want to save you from that so please please ask me anything pick my brain.

Professionals- that have been doing your craft for over a decade- sorry I might ruffle your feathers- unfollow me if you must- but we need to stop gatekeeping our knowledge and build bridges instead!

There is enough for everyone to go around and coming together is the only way that we build community! Stop bullying other photogs and telling people breaking into the market about how their prices are undercutting your source of income! Education is power and we should be teaching and coaching!

Create classes and mentorships that help others- my business has never suffered not once from giving away my knowledge in my classes for free! I have so much work for my family that I have to turn away work constantly!

Let’s be bridge builders instead of bullies online!

Looking for a free course of over 12 of knowledge?

See my page with TONS of FREE classes!


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