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Rock Your Curves and Rock Your Photos: Flattering Poses for Curvy Bodies

So I did an embarrassing thing for the sake of education. I took photos of myself in some unflattering poses to teach you some ways to work your curves for the camera!



Here are some of my favorite points from the video:

The camera will "see" the item closest to it and make it bigger. So put closer to the camera what you want to emphasize about your body!


Your hands can be used strategically to cover areas that you don't want to be seen, but watch out - they can emphasize the wrong thing!


The more you are directly facing the camera- the more wide you will appear.


Sitting down poses are hard because they automatically emphasize the wrong parts. Use your hands to cover places that you want covered up. But also, sit up straight and put your body in asymmetrical angles for more interesting posing. Don't do the same thing on each side with each appendage- it looks blah! Spice it up with putting your arms on different levels and your feet doing different things.


Don't hide behind a pillow to hide your curves. Don't hunker down in a chair with bad posture- work it and show your stuff!


Using a your hands to give you a waste and hide want you want to hide is a great way to slim you!


So from one mom of three- I am just a regular person- not a model. But I think that seeing me here gave me confidence to ROCK my curves. I hope it helps you do the same.



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