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Should I borrow other photographers camera equipment? - no! And this is why- pro photographer business tips

📸📸Have you ever gotten this text from a photographer friend: “Can I borrow some equipment?”

✅instead of borrowing other people's equipment- professional photographers

❌Because then you're now liable for breaks or if something drops.

🤯I can't even tell you in 12 years how many lenses that I've broken on the job- cracked cameras  or other breaks.

🤯You do not want that on your conscience.

So instead: do these 2 websites:

🎉 They are 2 great resources that you can borrow lights.

🎉You can borrow cameras.

🎉You can borrow stands

🎉you can buy an entire sound equipment everything that you need

✅and then you just charge it to the job and sell the client. “Hey, I have to rent this equipment.”

✅ do this instead -so that you're not getting into some pickles with some local photographers.

📸📸Have any pro biz questions?

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