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Spooky Halloween Photoshop overlays when you don't have a smoke machine

I can’t wait to show you this trick- especially in time

for Halloween.

My favorite way to use

smoke overlays from PNG sites.

and it is just a great way to save money on a smoke machine.

Not only that, but they're just so hard to shoot with.

You get to a certain level

just to be like,

“You know what,we're just going to Photoshop it in”

and please don't get scared of Photoshop beginning photographers,

because I'm going to encourage you that it's actually better,

especially if you're doing-confetti throws, glitter throws.

You can't be doing

that outside on public property

anyway, especially like smoke machine.

You got to have permits
for some of these things.
Going to have electricity
for some of these things.
So if you have the ability
to Photoshop stuff
in, it's going to make your life

so much easier.

I drag and drop all of my files that I have found from.

because I'm a prime member.

I basically take it in. I put it in the corner

that I want to put it in.

I'm just using control to move it around the board.

I'm taking the arrows and dragging them
to the side,
I want to make sure
I change the transparency to screen
or multiply or lighter color.

Purple is super fun for Halloween- It's very hocus pocus.

I'm just basically
dragging, dropping. Make sure I change the opacity over to multiply, screen or lighter color.

I can use the eraser tool to erase

around the face if I want a very specific

look, but I don't want it to cover

some of the expressions.

So that is a little taste
about what I do with Photoshop overlays.

This is going to be so awesome.

Especially if I had planned ahead of time

and had a dress in black

hat, had dressing like some other props

or some skulls or,

you know, witches brew or something

like that.

I could have had way more fun with this,

but I just kind of pulled random images

from a recent gallery that I have.

I am a child wrangler, a girl boss, a media creator, a business mentor, a professional domestic engineer, Captain of the Hot Mess Express and most importantly- an imperfect but constantly progressing disciple of Christ.

We coach, teach, shoot, set up events and build reclaimed decor and adventure mobiles out of our home studio in Chesapeake, VA all while raising three amazing but crazy children.

Follow our loco lives on our IG accounts: @virginiamarketingandmedia @virginiaphotosandfilms @nomadearthdesign


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