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Stop growing your social media accounts like this!

Guys, if you're seeing stuff like this creep on your ads account and you're seeing all of these people, dm, you about stuff like this.

I'm telling you, this is not the way to get verified followers

  • Comment on people’s stuff

  • Follow people put actual helpful content look for people in your area.

  • Look for people in your Market.

  • DM people real conversations like

“love to hang out with you.”
“Love your Vibe.”
“Want to get coffee sometime?”

Those are the ways that you get real relationships and real people that want to support you and follow your business.

So please stop getting things like this.

It's just No.

What if I told you that growing on IG/social media is more about interacting with users, creating content people love, being helpful and fining people in your market group then having the best phone camera- latest trending outfits/ lighting….

I’ve been able to grow to thousands of followers over the years (We have a lot of accounts to spread out the market groups as week! we have over four IG accounts, 2 YouTube channels, 6 FB accounts and two TikTok’s)

Use camera? No problem! by using a five-year-old camera, a few simple and cheap apps on my phone and simply just having consistency and helpful content- we are able to be full time self-employed and a homeschool family!

It’s all about growing in your local market with local people- getting real relationships and friendships.

See more about my social media course here:


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