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super easy one minute photoshop tutorial: extending a background with the content aware feature

I am loving this super easy- One minute background- Extender hack that I found on TikTok and I want to share with you.

You're going to select the area around the subject with a pen tool.

Make sure you press control enter to select it. (Or look up how to do it on a Mac)

You're going to go to the select tab on the top.

You're going to press “invert”

then you are going to go to “edit” > “fill” “content aware fill” and the AI will magically help you out.

I like to duplicate my layer, so I don't mess up my original.

I'm just doing some patch tool work and some cropping just to clean it up…

and guys, such an easy fix with my studio stuff and look at this before and after

I am shook!

I love it!

Here is a little "before" and "After" for you!

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