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My family and I went camping this weekend and we were staying our campsite was right next to the mini golf course.

So of course, my nine-year-old and my six-year-old now had such a fun time going there every single day and just hitting golf balls.

And on our last day we were cleaning up and I just hear screams from the mini golf course.

So I just literally look over. It literally is next to my campsite-I look over- and my oldest son is snatching the ball away from my youngest son.

And I yell over there and go. “What are you guys doing? There's golf clubs and just buckets everywhere. You can have unlimited golf. It's one flat fee. Unlimited off all day, you can just go get another ball. Why are you guys fighting over a ball?”

And it just reminded me of this feeling that we get as adults as humans.

That there's only so much, limited resources. So we have to scrounge around. We have to fight. We have to have this competitive cutthroat nature.

When we are growing up as adults and we think there's only a limited amount of love. There's a limited amount of money. There's a limited amount of Education. There's a limited amount of jobs.

And so we have this, this idea as older adults, that we have to fight and scrimp, and save, and scratch, and join this Rat Race because there's only a limited amount of resources.

There’s this mindset. You see it online, you see it on the universities, they only take the top one percent.

“Limited space- limited time, limited sale.”

“Today is only 2 days left.”

So there's this language of rushing, there's this language of limited resource to get.

You see it all the time in advertising.

There’s limited life.

You body clock and your biological clock is ticking.

So there's this constant mentality in this earth of you have limited time, limited resources.

We have this mentality of - you get what you get for you and too bad So sad.

It reminded me of if you serve God, who has unlimited resources, unlimited patients unlimited power, you never have to have that mindset of you're in a rush or the timing is wrong.

Like you missed your opportunity or you missed the boat.

God has unlimited power, riches, ability, creativity, and timing.

You need to get out of that mindset of this Cutthroat mentality and you have this idea we all have enough for my me and our family.

It says in the Bible, “Do not worry about what you wear, what you eat, what you drink, how you live, don't worry about your life because what will worrying going to add any to your life?” (Matthew 6)

It says in the Bible “Do not be anxious about anything. Do not worry about anything -through everything, every situation- through prayer and petition. Ask God, he'll make sure he'll take care of you.” (Philippians 4)

It says “Never have I seen the righteous forsaken.” (Psalms 37:25)

and “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills..” (Psalms 50)

So there's always this language that's so opposite of our world.

God has it all.

So we don't have to worry about making sure we get our piece- so too bad so sad.

There's unlimited, Grace, unlimited love.

There was literally a burn in my spirit when I saw my my kids fighting over the balls. This visual just came to me and that's going to set somebody free today.

I don't know who that's for, but that is what the Holy Spirit gave to me for someone today. And

so if you think that your timings off your biological clock is running, and you feel like you Have to rush and you're in the wrong place at the wrong time and stuff isn't happening guys.

You serve a God with unlimited creativity, Unlimited power that lives out of time and space.

He is not in a linear timeline, just serve him. Love him. He will Zoom it right in.

He'll Rush order it to you overnight at to you. You do not have to worry about anything that goes on.


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