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Want your images sharper? See these quick tips

I’ve been seeing a lot of different Facebook groups questions about camera sharpest and people automatically think they’re just a bad photographer I think they’re missing the mark on their images day after day!

There’s a lot of factors that go into your image quality and sharpness.

  • Number one when your checklist should be, are you shooting a manual or auto?

If you’re shooting an auto, your camera is not smart enough to understand that you need a higher shutter speed in particular instances

  • Number two, are you shooting with your default focus settings?

Do you need to look at your model of your camera to see if you can do pinpoint focus, single focus or I detection focus depending on what you want. If you’re in a large group of people with kids running around I always like to do large group focus or face detection on. if I’m doing more of a artistic shot with details or depth of field in the background, then I’m gonna be using a pinpoint focus mode where I manually put the dye into the focus area that I want so everything is sharp

  • What kind of lens choice do you have or camera do you have?

Obviously a $2000 camera and lens will be sharper than a $200 camera and lens combo. I was blown away when I switch to the mirrorless line from Nikon and even my D750 wasn’t as sharp as the Z6

  • Have your lenses been calibrated?

You can go by a local store- or you can Google your camera and lens choice where you can download a print off sheets from your home computer using YouTube videos for a DIY option.

  • What is your f-stop on your camera?

The higher your f-stop, the sharper and more in focus something is- if you are shooting at F8 you’re gonna have a lot of stuff InFocus versus F1.8

This why product and billboard photographers use shutter speeds that are very low sometimes so they can shoot on a tripod but they’re shooting at F 18 or something comparable to show the very detail of the person’s face. They are also using several high-powered flash units in the studio space that they can have a lot of light being pumped in!

Does this help you start to think through your image sharpness?



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