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What should my clients wear to a Photoshoot? -free family color palette clothing combo ideas

Out of the hundreds of photo shoots and I’ve been privileged to work on throughout the years, this is the number one question that I get from my potential clients

First of all, before I tell my clients what to wear, I asked him a few simple questions about their vision of the shoot.

If the shoot is for a senior student graduating from school, then wearing a business suit may or may not be appropriate for the message that I’m trying to send.

On the opposite spectrum, if I’m doing a business headshot, then a cowboy hat and cowboy boots might not be appropriate for that setting either.

I also have to take into the account, the location as well. If I’m going to the beach, then having someone wear a prom dress with stiletto heels might be very difficult for them to pose or even get wet or dirty.

After I assess the location and the type of photo shoot I’m doing, I like to know where the photo is going to be use in the future. If it is going to be used in a house where the color scheme is very neutral, then I would probably guide my clients to wear neutral colors.

If it’s going in a house where everything is dark autumn tone colors, then wearing springtime colors might clash with the walls.

I also think about how many clients are going to be at the shoot. If it is going to be a large family shoot, it may or may not be appropriate to ask everyone to wear the exact same thing- in my opinion matching jeans with the white shirt has been wildly overused.

Find your color palette.Put complementing colors together: like burgundy and green. Blue and gold. Black and white.Think about being matchy- but not too matchy

Here are some free color palette matching ideas for family photo sessions to get you going!


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