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What to do when you see other creatives at weddings and events

🎧*what to do when we see other creatives other venues and weddings: (a practical guide)

1.) 👋one say “hi” to them,

2.) ❤️compliment them -

say “they're doing amazing job,”

3.) 🤝maybe pass out business cards to each other.

“I would love to follow you.”

“Let me know your info.”

“I would love to get coffee with you.”

“I would love to sit down and just talk shop and make another friend in the industry.”

4.) 📲tag them-

in the post for social media.

list all the vendors-

get to know the DJ, the  planner etc.

So only your network grows - but then you can make friends in the industry.

👏👏And then they recommend you, you recommend them.

❤️It just becomes a really great thing!

❌stuff that you don't want to do at events:

❌barely talk to them- turn around- ignore them and not speak to them.

Literally real stories that have happened to me over the last 12 years.

📣📣we need to do better at building community over competition


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