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what website builder is best for SEO for my small photography business?

💻💻Which website company will give me the best SEO for my photo business?

✅SEO is not a cut and dry like “This website company is the worst and this website company is the best.”

I feel like it all matters about how much effort you put into it. If you're going to be tagging every single image and every page- going to be adding keywords every page, if you're going to be blogging, It's a lot of work in the back end .

Or people  are going to just Google,  “Virginia Beach Family photography.”

📣Most likely, they're going to be probably asking friends their friends or family.

They're going to be snooping on social media or they're going to be maybe doing a “Google, my business”, who's around you.

But I don't think it has to be that cut and dry. Oh, “I'm on WordPress.” “I have to get off of this other site and get WordPress because more people are going to hire me.”

💪If you just crush it in social media, have some ambassadors on your team, and start doing monthly emails to the people that I've already booked you in the past  - that's going to be worth more in the long run than concentrating All your efforts on SEO.

That's just me though.

🌿The longer you stick with a company and the more content you have on your page, for example- I have 12 years of blogs on my page.

So it would literally like crush me if I take off everything off of my Wix website.   

even though people say  “oh you shouldn't do Wix because it's….”

Wix  is the number two website builder in the world next to Wordpress and I've been on it for 12 years-people can still find me.

🤯i have over 900 blogs on there.

Just have a website- stick with it for a long time.

Keep it updated- and make sure you just run all of your landing pages, all of your content, all of your helpful content through it and then boom, it becomes a place people can find you.

People can search you and I feel like that is a better solution than just like hopping and skipping around to different website companies because then you're losing traction on all of this content, you can have on there.


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