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What your kids really need to know to be successful at school and life

For those that feel like maybe their kids are behind or they're worried or having anxiety over their kids “going to be set back for life”or “covid Just shut down their education.”

I'm gonna tell you right now, if you have a great family environment with parents or Guardians, that talk through emotions that talk through- if a mistake happens, you apologize. You're the first one to hug each other. You're the first one to say “just start over.” You are right there, that is a greatest thing You can give your kid.

Learning to develop emotional intelligence will help kids grow empathy and connections with others in the future:

Just to give them the confidence- give them the foundation to try and to fail in a safe place and to feel like they can have someone to turn to that's it-anything else is gravy.

See this article for more benefits of encouraging your kids to fail in a safe place:

just the best thing you can do is just have a stable home environment.

help them connect with mentors in your life.

Let's say. You have a situation where you're a single parent-  get them involved in mentorship, get them involved in a Boys and Girls Club.

Get them involved in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts or Sports.

have them really have a great mentor.

just talk to them, the one-on-one with them play games with them.

See Ohio state news and their study on the power of spending quality time for academic success:

Be more concerned about time with them, then toys.

right there-That's the secret to a successful kid.

If you are reading to them nightly- talking to them nightly- and making sure that they have a connection with an adult in a safe environment.

See this article on the benefits of reading to your kids:

You're already setting them up for success.

Statistics tell us that youth connected to an adult mentor is more likely to make better decisions and feel apart of the community:

So that’s a little encouragement.

If you feel like, “I'm just not doing enough for my kid, and “no way Can they get their grades up.” And “I'm a scared that they won't be able to get an Ivy League school.”

Just you having time with your kid - spending one-on-one time with them.

And having a Safe home environment, making sure that you and your partner and your spouse have a great relationship-  is a huge factor to academic success: (see this article:

or let's say, you're a single parent-making sure that you really get make the effort to get them involved and mentors in the society and the community and get them involved in community service-You're already doing amazing job. (See more info and ideas  here:


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