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Which website builder is best for my small photography small business?

Which website builder is best for your photo business?

I built over 50 sites ranging from everything, from WordPress (  to Squarespace ( , to square up, ( which is a different company. to pixie set ( - to Wix (www.wix.con) all of these things and you know what, they just have different features that you're looking for as a photographer.

I'm looking for good Gallery.

I'm looking for a good SEO.

I'm looking for mobile blogging capabilities, contract forms, For me 12 years ago, a lot of these functions were not really a thing.

Okay, so I started off with Wix, I've been with them for 12 years. I have over 900 blogs  with  them, so I'm not going to switch over.

So, what I do is I add on my website, I have different other plugins- I have a jotform ( membership. That does all of my contracts and booking and deposits, and then I have a pixieset Upgrade as well ( that I can do, all my gallery, my deliveries.

So, I am paying a little bit more than the average person.

if you are looking for beautiful Gallery, delivery, if you're looking for a Blog capability and your primary job as a photographer, do pixieset -  if you want to add-on some other services and some other things and you want to be mobile friendly, maybe try Squarespace.

If you want a little bit of everything-Wix has the ability to do like a Shopify to type of platform. It has the ability to galleries, it has the ability to do a lot of these email blasts and marketing things that were not available to me 12 years ago. And so, I have other systems.

So you really have to do your research on, what is a priority for you, what your cost is, what your budget is, what you can afford now, but I would definitely suggest sticking with a company for a long-term.

your SEO will go up your Reputation will go up -knowing that you have a lot of content on there-a lot of beautiful fresh content and lot of landing pages that are just “boom”-Ready to go.

Blogging is great, you have helpful content on there.

So stick with a company build with it. I'm telling you. That's how you build credibility. That's how you build a reputation, that's how you build SEO.

Now half of My Views come from Google because I've been on there for so long. Is it the best situation? Probably not. Is that kind of site working for me? Absolutely.

So, if your site is making you money, if your site is helping you find clients in your Market group, then it's doing its job. Okay?

So just pick with something, do it-have the discipline of updating it regularly, have the discipline of blogging regularly.

It will serve its purpose. There You Go. Pro tip.


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