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$5 Huge "Kid-Friendly" Wall Art

Since it is January, and it's cold outside. I wanted to entertain the kids for at least 30 mins!

I had an old canvas drop cloth from when we repainted the walls. And I got out some playdough rollers and stampers.

Then I changed the kids' clothes and let them have at it!

I just wrapped the table in the canvas and put a old table cloth underneath!

The light was coming in so cool on her face, so I thought BLACK and white would be a good edit for this one..

here is a little stamper that my son used!

I love the light coming in through the kitchen

oh my son!

my daughter "rolling" the paint with a little rolling pin!

creativity at work.

of course my cat wanted a shot. And the light was coming in so well from the kitchen. The floor has the remnants of my indoor hopscotch board.. haha!

It took over 10 shots to get this one! LOL! My son was done after 20 mins or so and I had to entertain him while my daughter still worked!

I had my daughter hop in and get a shot here too, I just loved the light!

finished result! I love it!


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