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Bird Seed Ornament "Cookies" {Pinterest VS Reality}

So in my search for a "Pinterest Perfect" life, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Here is the pin I found (I have no idea how they get them this nice!)

Here is my final result (with only the Pinterest worthy one showing).

Here is my critique of this pin:

1. Have really really rock hard bread. Like maybe bake it so it toasty or stale. I used frozen bread from the freezer and even that was so mushy! I also would use a bigger cookie sheet- it was really messy! Also I only had one metal cookie cutter.. the plastic ones didn't cut through the bread so well!

After I cut the bread into a shape. Then I need to punch a whole in it. It was almost impossible covered in peanut butter to put the string in it! I used a chopstick and some twine.

After punching a hole in them, then my daughter spread them with peanut butter and sprinkled with birdseed and raisins. Super messy! We got peanut butter EVERYWHERE!

Then we hung them from the tree outside!


My daughter (5 years old) liked the eat the peanut butter and spilling the bird seed all over my kitchen haha! It didn't really stay on the tree very well and basically fell off as soon as we put them outside! But overall this messy craft was fun for me and my daughter to get 'messy' together. If you have someone that is allergic to nuts in the family DO NOT try this! Use sunflower butter or another alternative instead.

So final thoughts: "Get messy, Make mistakes, Take chances."

Happy Creating!

Christal Marshall

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