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HELP! My Photos Look so Yellow! (How to set a custom white balance on your camera)

Did you know that your camera "Auto" white balance sometimes makes your photos look yellowish?

Here is a little video about how to set that manually!

Here are some examples where the camera got in wrong in camera!

I set the white balance to 3800 K (I can tell you more about how to tell your camera to kelvin here: If you don't have the ability to have a Kelvin setting, then play around with the presets on your camera already. Or you can learn to edit photos in lighroom). Shooting RAW really helps to give you more flexibility in the editing room for this reason!) Here is another great blog post about setting custom white balance:

See how YELLOW my house lighting is naturally?

A lot of times in public places, the commercial lighting is terrible!

Lamps cast a yellowish glow on my daughter's face.

Houses are the worst for yellowish lighting!

With only one step, I am able to change the temperature of the photo!

here is a close up of what I do in lightroom to change the color temperature. Here another video on how to do it.

Keep Shooting!


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