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8 Different Ways to Display Your Photos

Everytime people come over to my house, they love seeing all the photos around. I LOVE printing photos. I make a basic photo album every 6 months of just 4x6 prints. But I try to display my photos around the house as well, in different, colorful ways.

Here are 8 different ways that I display my photos.

I buy frames, I find frames, I get them from thrift stores. It doesn't really matter what color I find them in, I can always paint the frame to match whatever theme I want. To buy a painted frame a cool color, it's almost double the price!

This is my favorite way of displaying photos, especially in the kids rooms. I get my instagram photos printed off at walmart! They have great square prints for only 13 cents a piece! I have also tried foxgram. but they can be really pricey.

I have tried Shutterfly as well, they have a lot of good deals. But personally, the print quality is not to my liking. I've had to return so many prints! I also don't like right aid or walgreens. They are too greenish for me! I love how walmart's colors are bright and vibrant and what I see on my screen and for a great price!

I got a bunch of fabric and hot glued gunned it down with ribbon. Then I got clips from the dollar tree! After I spray painted the frame, then it was love-at-first sight!

On amazon, I ordered a simple collage frame. But I didn't want just plain-old white. So I painted it a fun color! This was a great way to display our Disney vacation!

I have used many canvas companies. I would recommend:, (my favorite) or I WOULD not recommend or I have had really negative experiences with them!

Walmart (and many other companies), have an option to have a lay flat photo book. I love the lay flat option, because the pages feel like cardstock. It is very durable for litle hands. They are a little big more than a basic photobook though.

Photobooks are awesome for displaying photos. They are the quickest way to showcase a special outing, a memorable vacation or just your portfolio. Again, walmart has been the best deal that I see. I have used blurb and shutterfly, but they have been SO expensive in the past.

This was something that I saw online (at walmart) and I love them, especially for men! It's basically a picture that is printed on a hard plastic (like 1/8 of an inch thick) and it comes with a little stand. It's very simple and sweet. And for only 15.00 or less (you can't even get a 5x7 frame with a print for that much) on walmart, it's a great buy!

This was one that my husband came up with for an anniversary two years ago. He ordered a very large wooden number from etsy. (it's like 24 inches high). And he glued down some of our favorite moments through the years. I love it, everytime I see it!

let me see your ideas on how you print your photos and hashtag me (see below)


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