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What I've Learned From Being a "Pastor's Wife."

I was inspired to write this blog post from several converations that I've had with people. It's like as soon as I mention that my husband works at a church as a "Pastor." (Technically, our church calls him a 'director' but it's too hard to explain to others what a 'Director of Youth Ministries is) it's like I get one of three reactions.

1. "Oh, that's awesome. I go to _____ church down the street."

2. "Oh. Well, don't judge me if I say a cuss word in front of you."

3. "Oh." and then the conversation stops.

I especially like the last one. I usually try to keep the conversation going with person number three and eventually I'll found out why they wanted to stop the conversation.

Person number three will say something like, "I feel like people are always looking down on me at church." or "I feel like I can't be myself around people at the church."

Well, honey I am here to tell you that this Pastor's wife has seen it all. I will not judge you.

Just last week, while people where coming in to the fellowship hall for dinner, my son threw up all over the floor. I'm on my hands and knees wiping up throw up. I am 6 months pregnant at this time, mind you. So it was not an easy feat.

I am constantly getting in trouble with children's leaders that my kids are running in the halls, yelling, or my favorite: that I am late to pick them up from class AGAIN!

I even got yelled at for forgetting a change of clothes and shoes when my son had an accident. So he just walked around all day in his diaper. Oops.

I remember the very first Sunday at my church, my 2.5 year old daughter (then) saw SNACK on the little tables in the front of the church and raced up to get the little crackers and juice (the holy sacraments!) LOL!

Sometimes I don't have enough time to shower before church. Sometimes I am so tired that I don't want to go to church. And sometimes (don't tell anyone) I don't show up to church. AHHHH!! I said it. Who really wants to be there every single Sunday looking like a tornado blew in with two crazy kids. I completely understand!

I am not afraid to tell people how I really feel. My husband always says, "Why are so you real with people. They don't need to know your personal life. They don't need to know where you got your clothes from. They don't care what you ate for breakfast."

Well, that's where he is wrong. The church should be my family, right? And doesn't family tell eachother EVERYTHING?

My favorite example of this was just the other day. I had someone from the church tell me, "Your daughter is so polite." I laughed at her face. If she would have known the day that I had. So I told her, "We have been working on it ALL day! You have no idea how many time outs that my daughter has had today due to rudeness and talking back."

When I told me husband what I said. He got mad at me saying, "Why can't you just accept a compliment?"

But I told him, "I want to be real with people. I don't want people ever to think that I am perfect in anyway!"

So here is a little snapshot of my crazy-kid-filled-church-going-pastor's-wife-life. Oh and I know you can relate, hopefully.


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