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Do You Only Give "Perfect" Photos to Your Client? I Know I Don't.

Can you tell what's wrong with the photo above? I cut off his hand! Limb chopping, number one "no-no" while taking portraits. But you don't see that. You are focusing on her face. Her laugh. The moment.

This shot is priceless (above). He is licking her face!!!! OMG! Why did I keep it? Because it was sweet, it made me laugh and I know that it made her laugh. Whenever they see that photo again, they will remember the fun they had in that moment.

This particular shot is off center, it's crooked and I cut off his hand. Why did all of those mistakes happen? Because I was laughing with them! He had just farted! HAHA! Why did I give it to the client? Because it's real, their smiles are genuine. It's one of my fave photos from the session. Hands down.

I had major flair in the sun here with my 85mm 1.8. That's also a NO NO! But I love it. It reminds me of a commercial or something. The flair is right over their faces. her smile is real. Even though he has a funny face and a funny hand-gesture here, I still kept it. I know why I kept it, because of the way it made me feel.

I like imperfect photos. If they make me smile, I know that they are going to make my client smile.

I usually give 300 plus images to any of my clients. I know that is a lot. But I honestly don't know which ones that they are going to love! I can't stand it when I see other photographers say, "I give you five digital images." I don't know if I could narrow a session down to only five images. No way. Each image is my baby.

Do I delete photos? Sure. If they are out-of-focus, if they don't tell a story, and if the girl's facial expression doesn't look flattering. But I'm am only deleting maybe .5% of the total photos that I take.

Don't be afraid of the imperfect. Imperfection is life.


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