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Shooting RAW VS JPEG- Which one is right for you?

Did you know that your DSLR (or mirrorless) can save your photos into TWO different ways?

Learn about why I ALWAYS shoot RAW and if that is the right decision for you!

First, watch my video about it here:

First of all, RAW files (or NEF.) ARE HUGE! They can be 20mb a piece sometimes. Where JPEG files are only 10-12mb a piece.

You can blow up a picture that was taken FIRST in RAW to a very high size. You might struggle with image quality in JPEG.

Secondly, RAW files are straight-out-of-the camera. They are your image in the purest form possible. JPEG, in saved in-camera with a little editing done for you.

JPEG files don't need editing (unless you want to). If you don't have access to photoshop or lightroom (which you should, if you are serious about photography), then you HAVE to shoot jpeg because you have no way of editing the pictures!

JPEG files will take up less memory card and hard drive space. That's because they are compressed when they are shot, to allow more room.

My favorite feature about RAW files, is my ability to edit them actually the way that I want to. JPEG files are too colorful and high saturation for me. This doesn't really present a problem with nature photos as much, but shooting people and getting skin-tones less orange is a BIG problem for me- that's why I always SHOOT RAW!

Here is another example of RAW VS JPEG Editing. The leaves are too green for my taste while edited the EXACT same way in JPEG form vs. RAW form.

You can especially see how here: the colors on the JPEG files are TOO BLUE, where the RAW file edited is softer.

So: JPEG VS RAW, which one is best for you? Hopefully I helped you decide.



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