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How To Take Better Beach Photos

Who doesn't want to get good beach photos? the beach is one of summer's favorite locations for families all over the world!

Here are some tips that want to pass on to you!

A good 50mm is only $150.00 (used), so sell that kit lens and upgrade!

Tell a story about how your kids built their first sandcastle with dad's help!

Learn how to shoot manual (or the "M" function) to get a photo like this. Also, getting a prime lens, like a 50mm or a 85mm at f2 or below is key!

I got my legs and feet wet to get this shot! But I wanted to get my daughter with no distractions!

I had my daughter RUN toward me! This is a great way to get your photos from "boring" to "bodacious!"

my daughter was so distracting in the background. I photoshopped her out using Adobe Lightroom (get it for only 9.99 a month!) But If I would have been a better shooter in-camera, I wouldn't have to do that!

My son's diaper was hanging out! OH NO! Thank God for the clone-brush tool in Lightroom!

In lightroom, I was able to raise the "shadows" toggle to get my family no so dark!

the best lighting at the beach, is NOT in the sun! Nobody likes to squint!


Have fun at the beach! I would love to see your before and after shots!


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