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How To Photography: The 10 Min. Creative Exercise, One Subject in 10 Ways.

Do you need some fresh creativity? Did you know that you can get those creative juices flowing without having to move from ONE SPOT?

Try this 10 min. Exercise to get you going!

First rule: Try to sit as still as possible. This point of this is to be forced to see your world in a new angle, using only one lens and only one location.

Start your "shoot" with a basic photo at the angle that you are sitting... Soon, you will be able to see every possible angle, but for now, start small.

Now change it up, but shooting down on your subject. I literally held my camera up over my head and took a random picture, because I couldn't move!

Then, I bent down as far as I could go and tried to shoot up on my son (this is why having a 35mm was my key to do this. I had the aperture at 1.4)

Then, I held my camera to the side and shot a random picture. I had no idea how it was going to turn out.. But I like this one!

Then I turned my camera upside down in my hands and tried to see what it would look like.

Then I saw my son's little hands. So small!

I uncovered his little fit in the stripey blanket. I love it!

I had him hold my hand. Aww.

Then, I just waited for little moments to happen. I love the yawn!

I tried this angle over 20 times to get one that I liked. It's digital, so whatever!

Having a prime lens is KEY, you can really do some amazing focus and blur with it! Read my blog about getting a Prime lens here for more information:


I would love to see how this has helped in your photographic journey!


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