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5 ways to help others using photography

Did you know that your photos can open up a world of good for other people? There are so many ways that you can help using your camera, to make the world a better place. Plus, for a bonus, other people get to know you in a non-professional setting and be a great word-of-mouth spokesperson for your character and business!

I am constantly giving away sessions. I know that it makes ZERO business sense. But it makes wonderful human sense. Not only is it a great tax-write off, but a way for me to connect with people that might not be able to afford my services. My favorite way to give away sessions is at fundraisers. Not only is a great advertising for me, but also a great way to support a local cause.

I love it when non-profits ask me to take pictures of their events. I love seeing their organization have better quality images for their marketing. It's also really fun to meet all sorts of people and be in a different environment.

Photobooths are a great and cheap way to have people come to you asking for photos. You can also hand out your business cards and send them to your instagram page while you are at it. I can do a photo booth backdrop for under 20$. See how I do it here:

I love taking photos at my church. Especially during a huge event like a vacation bible school, or a concert. You can also translate this to a school dance or field trip. Any event where they need great photos, you should try to be there! It's a great way to connect with your community and build your local audience.

I remember I had someone approached me about giving away baby and child sessions at a crisis pregnancy center. I also had a great partnership going with a homeless shelter and a teen-mom support group. I love getting asked every year to come back and take photos for them. not only am I building relationships with them personally, but I am also getting the opportunity to see their families grow.

I also seek people out on facebook that are having a hard time, for example: a child that just got diagnosed with a brain tumor. I would hate for them to miss their loved-one without a decent professional photo.


As a business owner, you should never be afraid to use your skills to help others. I remember that two years ago, I gave a discount to a family and did a photo session for them. I didn't realize that two years later, the mom would not longer be with us.

I was saddened to see my photo be used on the obituary. But I was also deeply touched that my photo was chosen to commemorate her beautiful life.


Look around you for places and ways that you can help!

I would love to see how this has helped in your photographic journey!


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