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One Light, One Room, 10 Great Photos To Take

So I have three kids and one REALLY messy house. Oh wait, you can't tell by the pictures huh? That's just because I cleared out a 5x8 foot section of my house. I have ONE bay window that let's in amazing light.

So I wanted to do a photo shoot with my kids. Okay, I wanted to do it for mother's day. But also, just because my kids are SO cute!

1st pose: the classic hug. Yeah, this is the rare occasion that my daughter and my son are not CRAZY!

2nd pose: laying down in the light. My daughter's lashes is what I was focusing on.

3. Kissing the cheek. My one month old was so cuddly at the time!

4. Laying on the carpet. I had to literally lay on the carpet to get this one.

5. My daughter's face in the light and the backlight was so beautiful coming in from the window. By the way, I made all the photos black and white so you wouldn't see shoes or legos in the background. That's why shooting with a prime lens, like a 50mm is so key- you can blow out the background!

6. I had my daughter look down on the my son while he was snuggling with her.

7. I had to stand up on a stool to get this one. I love how my kids aren't even looking at me.

8. This is a classic take on a silhouette shot. I had my daughter's back to the light, instead of her face.

9. I basically took 8 pictures getting my son waking up from taking a nap on the carpet. Sometimes the best photos are ones that you wait for.

10. Here is one of my favs. I love how candid and natural we all are. I am laughing, my son is crying, my other son is out of focus and my daughter is tickling me. This is so us!


Who says that you have to have a large space to take some great photos? Hopefully this will help you visualize some great shots the next time you have a small space.


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