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How to Photography: 10 ways to take better stock photos

I love taking photos. But I also love using my photos for other purposes. I am constantly asked to make graphics for the church, or to make things on different churchs' instagram feeds. It all take stock photos to do that. You can go to a great resource for FREE stock photos. But if you are a photographer- it's great to have your own little library of great stock photos.

Silhouettes are great for stock photos- they show a little taste of the person with out giving away everything. They are also great for text. Here, I had my two love birds dancing in an alley way waiting for the storm to stop.

I love doing senior photos- because that makes me have A LOT of photos with people-not necessarily looking at the camera. I am constantly telling my models to "look down" or "look to the side." It gives the photo a more casual feel.

Make your viewer go to a favorite place in their imagination through your photos.

Sometimes, it's okay not to have the photo in focus- it makes the viewer feel as if they are in a dreamy place.

I was standing on a chair to get this image.

I had this little flower laying on a hard-wood patio with natural light coming in.

I love sneaking in on people's hands. I love telling a better story through details.

A picture like this could be a great stock photo for our 'past childhood," or "summer" or "innocence." There are so many ways that this photo can be used for something.

I love shooting only a fraction of the object- to allow more room for text. I am constantly moving my focus from one side to another.

I love shooting photos that make the viewer go 'back in time.' This makes the viewer be more emotional attached to the image.


I would love to see your stock photos!


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