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How to Photography: 5 cheap in-camera photo hacks

Did you know that with some household items laying around the house that you can make some ordinary photos look really cool? Oh wait, you can do all these things in photoshop? Well, that's not very fun- learn how to do it in-camera and get the right the first time!

First, see the video below:

Here are some of my favorite ways of doing these effects:

First, a ziploc bag is a great way to get a dreamy-smudge look in your photo.

First, a small compact mirror is one of my favorite ways to get a reflection in my photos.

My husband cut a glass soda bottle to get this great tool for me. You also use aluminum piping from home depot to get another great effect like this.

using your lens hood is another great way to liven up your photos.


I would love to see your "Hack" photos! Send them or tag me in them!


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