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What to wear to family pictures

People ask me all the time "What do I wear to take photos?" I think that is the hardest thing for families to decide on.

Honestly the best thing to wear for pictures are usually simple, neutral colors and more plain patterns. You want to pick a color pattern that will look good on your walls.

You need to first decide on your color palette. You want to express your color palette in different ways. You don't want everyone to wear a busy pattern. Maybe mix and match with tops and bottom. bring out a color in various accessories or shoes.

I love how this family is wearing mostly one color, but then the kids are the color pop!

This family took pictures during July- you could tell by their color palette!

This shoot was in the fall, but the family still wanted a cooler palette to match their favorite colors. I love how the son is the different pattern and the mom's scarf is the contrasting color.

Mom can be different, where father/son or father/daughter can be matchy!

I love how the girls were all wearing some shade of white and pink.

This family was perfect for the earth tones fall colors.

Bright palettes are great if you have a lot of fun, bright colors in your decor!

The neutral palette is always a fave- especially if you have all boys!

Secondly, you need to match, but not all wear the exact same thing. I think the typical "White shirt with jeans" tend to be overdone.

You want to be able to move in your outfits. You want to be able to walk, sit or even lay comfortably. No heels and miniskirts! You want to be free to move and to be natural!

Don't go crazy on patterns. I usually discourage floral patterns. Some plaid or chevron is alright in small amounts. But you want to balance a busy pattern with a solid color.

Same goes with color. If you have a really bold color, balance it off with a more neutral or dark color.

You don't have to have a lot of makeup and your prom dress to take pictures. Actually the best photos are when you are doing what you do best with the people you love the most!

Don't forget to be yourself! Hug your family, cuddle, laugh and have a great time! All of these moments will make GREAT photos!


I hope this helps you visualize some great outfits.


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