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Why you shouldn't go to "JCPenney" for your family photos..

I used to hear these comments all the time: "Why should I pay more for photos, when I can go to picture people/walmart/sears/jcpenney and pay $13 for a photo for our Christmas pictures?

There are so many reasons why I would say "No." But most importantly, a custom photographer will (hopefully) have better photos than JCPenney!

Here are some other reasons:

I spend an average of 45 mins to an hour prepping for and shooting a family session. My goal is to truly take care of my customers from start to finish. I want their social media page to be FILLED with positive comments from the session. I want them to fill as if their session was the most fun and memorable that they ever have been to! JCPenney will definitely just take your picture and you pay them and then leave. But a custom photographer wants to be part of your family!

I average giving over 100 high-resolution files for each session- including black and white versions. Now that's amazing! JCPenney will only make you buy one or two. A lot of photographers will even give you the rights to share and print the photos on your own (like me).

I am a mom, so I know how meltdowns can happen all the time! If the kid has a meltdown, I just work with them and see how things unfold naturally. Sometimes, we do NOTHING that I had initially planned, but yet the photos capture the true personality and love of the child.

I love seeing how the family interacts and I make poses from there. We walk, we jump, we dance, we cuddle- and I capture all the little moments that happen during that time. A cheesy studio smile is not really capturing a genuine smile or attitude of the child.

I actually love the moments where the mom or the dad is not really looking at the camera. I want to appear "sneaking" into the moment with my camera- like I am a fly on the wall- observing the love and the relationship that is happening.

I love capturing the little details that make a session so wonderful- the little toes, the little muddy feet, the little eyelashes, the hair bouncing in the wind.

These are the moments that capture the true nature of childhood- freedom, fun and doing the things they love doing the best- experiencing life to the fullest!


So if you want genuine smiles and images that stir your spirit, then hire a pro for your family photos- you won't regret it!

Or, if you want just a 'picture' for $13.99, then be my guest and go to mall, I think Sears has a grey backdrop that might match your kid's Angola sweater just right.


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