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Chesapeake, VA Child and Family Photographer, Baby C Newborn session

chesapeake_newborn _photographer

A few years ago I was able to have the privilege of being the photographer for Katherine and Chris, at this very same location!

I was really nervous because the weather channel said that it was 90% chance of rain! Luckily no rain came, but it WAS SOO humid and hot. Chris (the dad) helped me find a backyard umbrella to shade our little spot near their shed.

Little baby "C" was a very big baby, I totally brought the wrong sized stuff! But he was SOO chill and I am so grateful that he was nice and warm outside! I am so gratefull that this wasn't January!

I know it was hard for little "C's" big brother "G" to have fun during our session. But when his cousins came out, he had a HUGE smile on his face!

After we did all the photos, I definitely wanted to jump into their large kiddie pool HAHA!

Be blessed y'all and you guys were rockstars today!


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