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Chesapeake, VA Couples and Engagement Photography, Sarah + Andy

chesapeake_newborn _photographer

After many, many reschedules and facebook text messages, we finally got to shoot together! At first I told them the wrong park (oh, GPS), but they were so flexible and were able to come out with amazing smiles and snuggles!

It was really hot day and I could tell that it was going to be a hot one! But the weather didn't faze them. I have never seen such a great and loving couple from the get-go. Can you believe that we took all of these photos in 30 mins? Usually it take 30 mins to "warm up" to the idea of having three (I had an assistant with me) cameras in a couple's faces.

My favorite part of the shoot was when I had Andy whisper something in Sarah's ear. I always get amused by seeing what they would say to each other. I've gotten "Pizza boogers," and other such nonsense before. This time, what got her to laugh was "Bacon bits." Go figure.

The scariest part of the whole shoot was when we were about to leave and I almost stepped on a really scary black snake!!! OMG! I was flipping out. And apparently it was a rattle snake! I almost went to the ER today!

But I am so glad that we got together- you guys were so sweet to get to know!

Be blessed y'all and you guys were rockstars today!


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