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Five Minute Photography Tip: Shutter Speed Light Painting

Have you ever wondered how photographers do the following shots:

(photo above by Anthony Marshall)

It's actually really easy!

First of all, watch a video on how I did these shots:


Second of all, You have to make a clear space to shoot. Don't do what I did at first and get the house lights in the background!

Thirdly, you will need a tripod. It doesn't have to be an expensive one. You can even use a ladder. As long as it's a steady surface.

Fourthly, always check your focus by setting it up to a light source first before shooting the image. If not, your focus will hunt! You might need a friend to help you.

You will finally need to learn how to shoot manual for this trick. Put your camera on the M function. Then do aperture f15 or higher (depending on how long you want your shutter speed). Do shutter speed 30 seconds. Then do ISO 100.

Play around with the settings to see what you need to do to get the shot you want!

You can do so many kinds of things with this technique. You can "paint" with fire, with flashlights, with sparklers or even with the city lights.

Here are some examples I found using the interwebs. (I have no idea who the original source is from:)


Keep Shooting!


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