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Chesapeake, Virginia Custom On-Site Family Portrait Photographer- The "A" Family


I loved working with this family yet, again! Last year, I worked with the youngest daughter and her senior photos, see it here:

This year, with it being summertime, the girls were off of school (one goes to VT and one goes to VCU), and right before they traveled to go back to school, Mom wanted to document the moment.

The only problem was, today was supposed to RAIN, plus my husband (who is my babysitter) was going to be at Busch Gardens ALL day. Who was going to watch my three kids when the entire youth group was going to be in Williamsburg?

We made a few phone calls and one lone teenager was willing to watch my kids.

But right before I was about to leave, my 4 month old (today was his monthly birthday) got really fussy and started crying. I didn't want to leave a 16 year-old with a fussy baby, plus two pre-schoolers! So I had to think fast.

Fortunately, Momma "A" allowed me to bring baby and he slept in his car-seat the entire time!

It was Momma's suggestion to splash in the pool with their feet at the end. I had to lay on a plush pool floaty while shooting so I didn't get burned!

It was so bright and hot! Our original time was 7pm, but with the babysitter and the possible rain, we had to make do! But I love the results!

Thank you for letting me document you all once again!


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