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20 Senior Guys Poses using a Guitar


So most guys (or gals) want to be themselves for senior photos right? A lot of guys (or gals) might wear their track uniform, or even a soccer ball to a senior session. But what if they bring a guitar?

Did you know that you can do over 20 poses using that instrument to make your senior feel like a "Rockstar?"

Here are just some of them. Of course you can adapt them to make them more feminine for girls.


Looking down and to the side is a good way to change up the photo with very little effort. Holding the Guitar in a "power stance" is also a great way to show motion.

Putting your subject to either side of the frame is a great tips for a quick change to the photo!

Having a close up on just the guitar strings to the side is another way to tell the story!

Having them walk forward and then turning toward you is really flattering on any body type!

Hope that gives you some ideas to get you started!

Andrew and Christal

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