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Buttery Soft Bread Machine White/Wheat King Arthur Loaf

After three years of perfecting his favorite bread recipe, my husband is finally ready to be comfortable with a favorite kind of bread!

So buttery when it comes out of the machine, you just want to eat the whole loaf at one time.



prep: Less than 5 mins.

Baking time:

3 hours (approx.)


- water (80 degrees)

-oil (2 tbsp)

-sugar (1/4 c)

-salt (2 tsp)

-dry milk solids (2 tbsp)

-bread flour (king arthur white) (3 c)

-whole wheat flour (1/2 c)

-active dry yeast (2 1/4 tsp)


place all the ingredients in bread machine and select "whole what course" then just sit back and relax and smell the bread cooking!

Other options:

at sunflower seeds as a special option (the very last step)

Christal Marshall

Mom of three, passionate dream follower, homeschooler, artist, photographer, lover of nutella and anything nutella related, would have 10 cats if husband would let her.

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