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Get your life back and learn how to edit a session in under an hour!

When I started photography, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't realize that taking a picture would have so much work behind the scenes.

I used to use photoshop for all of my editing. I was editing an entire engagement session in 4 or 5 hours! NO sir! Now with the power of Adobe Lightroom, you can get lightroom for only 9.99 a month!

Now, when I edit a session, I can still go out with my family and ride bikes by the afternoon. Plus, I don't have to pay for an editor and I can keep my work as my own- it's a WIN WIN!

Here are some of my tips and tricks to get your started on editing and getting your life back!

First, watch my movie about it:

Some tricks that I use:

Use the "copy" and "paste" buttons on the bottom left of the screen to make quick edits.

Use the Library function to do small exposure adjustments. You can select as many shots as you light by pressing down the CTRL key and selecting the ones you want to edit.

Use a preset that you like. That way, all your images will have the same feel.

Make sure that you are shooting pretty much what you want to see. try to not have much editing to do later.

Here are some before and after:

Hope that helps you get a picture of what I do and how it can help your photography!


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