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Shakespeare and Co. Lexington, Kentucky Wedding Photographer Erin And Joel Purple, Mint, Blush, Cran

Erin and Joel met online. Actually Joel had given up on the whole online dating thing when Erin messaged him. Joel is a very talented potter and Erin is a very talented baker. Joel made the comment online that they should own a shop together and sell his pottery- she was intrigued!

After many meetings face-to-face and many dates later, Erin moves across several states to live and work in Lexington, KY.

How did he propose? Well, that's a neat story. At first, Erin and Joel had dinner at a swanky place, then Joel begged for Erin to teach him how to bake cookies. As they were pouring out the chocolate chips, the ring poured out! (Which is why you see it in the ring picture below!)

Erin started working at a wonderful little donut shop in town called: North Lime Coffee and Donuts (Which is where all the fabulous wedding donuts were from!)


Shakespeare and Co. was such a fun and eclectic venue with pinks, mints and golds painted throughout the walls. I don't think any of the chairs even matched! It really worked out well, because the rain was on and off. So pictures inside was definitely okay!

If you would like a digital copy of any of these photos, the online album will be ready this week! Here is the link to check back as it is uploading: The pin is: 8540

Here are some of the wonderful vendors you saw:

Shakespeare and Co.


1060 Chinoe Rd

(859) 303-5761

Randy Trent, who owns his own business down the road in Nicholasville, KY - ClearPro DJ.

Dress: Anthropologie

Shoes: Free People

Rings: Sheila Bayes Fine Jewelers, Lexington, KY

Donuts: North Lime Coffee and Donuts


It was an honor and a privilege to serve you all and to document such a wonderful day!


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