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HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

So it snowed today (in VA that is a HUGE deal.) And what did my husband and I want to do? (Well, mostly me...) Take some pictures in the snow of course!

I've been studying this technique for a while now. And I finally put it into practice today with only ONE light and no FLASH!

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

So this is what you need:

1. a tripod, or a chair, or anything that will keep your camera still (maybe a music stand too? (you can get one for like $10 on walmart)

2. a plastic bag- for your camera of course!

3. Some kind of light source. You can use the flashlight on your phone even. You can use this cool selfie light that I found on ebay for only $5. I personally used this video light from amazon.

4. Stand for the light or chair (or a friend just holding it up.. or I guess YOUR model can hold it with their hand like a ghost.. haha!)

It doesn't really matter how the light is held. But the only thing that does matter is that the light is below your chin their chin for this effect to really work.

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures

How you do it:

1. Put the camera on a tripod or stand (tripod is highly recommend since you will be outside in the elements.

2. Put the Camera on the "A" or "AV" (for you Canonites out there)

3. Put your aperature to the lowest setting possible.

4. Put your ISO to AUTO

5. Put your focus on your subject...

6. Make sure that flash or light is going!

7. Take a picture and see how it looks !

8. Adjust the ISO up if needed!


Let me see your shots! Tag me @chicamarsh on Instagram!

HOW TO Take Romantic Night Snow Pictures


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