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10 Really Cool and Cheap DSLR Camera Tricks (No photoshop required)

For those that don't know, I broadcasted on Facebook LIVE about four different topics in January. The fourth day, I did "cool camera tricks" and I had over 300 people checked in!

I really wanted to give some great in-camera tricks for those advanced DSLR people that really want to step up their game!

You can watch my broadcast here:


Here are some of my notes from the video, so that you can follow along!

Using random things, like a small compact mirror, a prism (found online), a ziploc bag, sparklers and other things to created some awesome images!


Using a prime lens like a 50mm 1.8, or a 35mm 1.8 will give you amazing BOKEH, or background blur with this simple trick


A Silhouette is a powerful black cut out image that can be easily made in-camera!


Using really long shutter speed will create a lot of amazing effects, like this one below.


A double exposure picture goes back to the old days of photography where you could put two people in one frame! Not all cameras can do it- so check if your's does.


Who says that you can only take pictures during the day time- night photography is so dramatic and fun!


Light painting is the same concept as the long shutter effect from before- the trick is putting your camera on a tripod!


Grab some love birds and an old umbrella and use that cool flashlight feature on your phone!


Very Similar to the umbrella effect from above, just use a old windex bottle with some water to make your photo look like it's rainy!


So hopefully as you are joining me on my journey on taking photos and documenting life, you will be able to train your eye and see light in really cool places!



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