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Just Keep Swimming- Inspirational Vlog

Just Keep Swimming- Inspirational Vlog

Today was a rough day!

I got all the way to walmart with a cart full of stuff (over $100) worth of groceries and DIAPERS! Come to find out that I left my wallet at home.

So I had to take a walk of shame with three kids (almost in meltdown phase) out in the rain storm back to the car empty handed.


But is just a typical day homeschooling with three kids!


I visited the aquarium the other day and the lady at the shark tank said something really interesting.

She said that certain breads of sharks have to keep moving in a forward direction and can't stop or they will die.

Apparently they don't have a particular muscle that pushes the water past their gills so that they can breathe!

This really made me think of the phrase "Just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo. That's not just an inspirational phrase, that's survival to it's core!


So with you, just keep moving forward. Just keep Swimming. No matter what happens. Don't be tempted to fall to the bottom of the ocean- to quit at life or to throw in the towel! You can do it!


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