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Watermarks Camp Trip

If you haven't had the amazing experience of taking a group of teenagers to the mountains where there is no cell phone service for 5 days and all you can do is actually talk and spend time with eachother doing fun activities, then you are definitely missing out!

For those that don't know, my husband is a Youth Pastor in Chesapeake. So it's his job to go to amazing place and hang out with teenagers! (I know, be jealous right!) So I wasn't about to miss out on all the fun this time!

We borrowed an RV and the three kids and drove four hours to the mountains of Virginia near Charlottesville to Watermarks Camp.

As soon as we entered, it was like we were in another place. Hammocks line the trees, a huge 250 acre property sitting right in the middle-of-nowhere. I didn't want to leave honestly.

We had so much fun on there ropes courses, shooting arrows, shooting guns and shooting paintballs (a lot of shooting going on!)

We jumped off a "BLOB" and and water trampolines, we toasted marshmallows by a fire, we found some really cool bugs AND we even got to hear some pretty sweet worship music and have a dance-party. Pretty SWEET huh?

You can see more activities of what we did above with my sweet video!

By the way, the underwater footage was taken with our Go-pro, but the kids lost it half-way through the trip and had to find it at the bottom of the LAKE!!!

If you are interested in bringing your church group, the rates are very reasonable and the experience is awesome!

Thank you Watermarks Camp!


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