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Flatlay Photography 101

Taking a flatlay photo isn't hard, you just need to have the right tools.

You first must start with lighting. go to a sunroom, a garage or a very well lit room.

Then you must think about props and what you want to put in your flat lay. You can use different color poster boards, wood textures or anything else you can find

Then set up your scene and be careful to leave a lot of space in between objects.

stand on a chair or a ladder to get high enough.

Take a few pictures of each item to make sure have just the right one.

Then edit! Use a mobile app like SNAPSEED, VSCO or LIGHTROOM if you don't have access to PHOTOSHOP.

Really bring out your flatlay with some custom text or typography from CANVA, ADOBE SPARK POST, PICLAB or other apps.

now go out there and create some great stuff!



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