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How to do a "Magical Christmas" Edit in Photoshop

Ever Wonder how to make your photos look magical on photoshop?

First you must start with a good photo.

The trick to this photo is that I had my husband's phone light going in their lap.

without that special "pop" the photo would have looked dull like this:

Yes, I can fix the exposure in his face later, but I really wanted a light to be coming from the book.

Here is the "after" photo of what we are going to learn to do today.



If you haven't gotten the chance to watch the video explaining how to do it, please do that now.



Finding some random free overlays like these on google in high res (over 1000kb please) would be helpful to make your "magic" in your photo.



Copy and paste the free stock image over your main image and set the opacity to "screen." Then just erase very gently with a BIG SOFT brush.



Play around with your settings until you get the perfect mix of mystery and magic!


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