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Using Every Day Objects to Make Amazing Photos

There are So many little things that you can use that will really spice up your photos WITH OUT using photoshop or any really technical equipment.


Only a few dollars at your local walmart. Turn down the light to create mood lighting. get a 50mm 1.4 or similar to really make this photo be seen better in the dark without so much noise from boosting your ISO. Oh yeah, shooting AUTO WILL NOT cut it for this shot. You have to learn how to at least shoot "A" for aperture mode or "M" for full manual.


A little pocket mirror from your local dollar tree will do just fine. Try moving it back and forth with the other hand while you shoot.


You see these on facebook ads constantly. I did finally hunker down to buy one, but don't worry, this one was only 14.00 on Amazon


One of my favorite things to shoot with. I got it for like 5.00 on amazon, but you can also get at your local hardware store or here on amazon:


super easy way to throw light all different directions for under $20. Get one here online:


These little guys were super fun to shoot with. For only $5, this is totally worth getting online!


Love being able to use this! Buy it here:


Some of my favorite examples of recent work:


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