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Thanksgiving Wedding | Navy and Burgandy | Wedding Photography | Virginia Beach | Red Wing Park |

We celebrated the uniting of two hearts and two families on a beautiful November day.

Kim and Rob wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving early by getting married at Red Wing Park, a traditional Japanese Garden in Virginia Beach Virginia.

They wanted only their closest family and friends to join their simple wedding under a hand-made canopy. Then everyone met at a family style restaurant to eat cake and being together.

The bride got ready at her home and then surprised Rob coming down the aisle to his amazement and tears.

Kim hurried to get her two daughters ready for the big event- doing their heart and makeup in the home that her and Rob live.

When she came down the stairs, her friends and family teared up and stole moments to hug and cherish the moment.

After they took photos in the garden, we headed off to Bravo's in Virginia Beach to eat together and laugh together.


When I asked Rob and Kim before the wedding how they met, they said a really funny story. Kim wanted to get out there on internet dating, but nothing was panning out. Then she passed by Rob (she didn't know it at the time) in the hallway of her school (Rob and Kim are both educators).

Time passed and Kim never said hello at school since she thought Rob was already married. Then Kim gave up on and for a joke looked at her "opposite match" profile. Just for kicks, she messaged him to connect. After a few conversations, they figured out that they were not only in the same state, but the same town AND had seen each other at the same school. Wow. how cool is that?


I was so blessed and honored to be asked to hang out with this couple. Have a wonderful life together!

- Christal Marshall


Christal Marshall is a mom of three, photographer, videographer, homeschooler and just a straight hustler.

She was voted top 20 wedding photographers in VA in 2016 and 2018. She has been featured over 50 times in various different publications.

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