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Branding and Marketing For Your Small Business

How do I get my photos from Lightroom to Instagram and Facebook?

When I started my business in 2011-2012, I had NO idea what the heck I was doing. I was a mess!

I just wanted to take pictures. I didn't care who or what I took pictures of.

Hopefully that's not you.

Hopefully, you have a business plan.

But does your business plan include marketing, social media, websites and design? No? Let's chat.


Here is my complete THREE part series about how to make your business look pro and stay on trend with what's happening on social media


Part one:

I talk about "What is a brand" and why it's important for your business. I also talk about your ideal client!

You'll definitely want to be taking notes!


On Part Two: I talk about my Instagram and social media secrets to getting great photos with your phone!


Alright, you are almost there! Here is part THREE. I talk about the power of a good website and why you need it (and not JUST a facebook page!)


Did you learn anything? Is your head about to explode? I know mine is. HAHA.

But anyways, don't be discouraged! If you take to heart anything you learn in these videos- I promise that you will see growth and engagement in your business!


Christal Marshall Marshall Arts Studio


Marshall Arts Studio is a Photography and Graphic Design Team in Chesapeake, VA.

We serve families, students and couples with amazing images that will be cherished forever. We would love to work with you! Contact us below to get in touch with us!

Also, 10% of our proceeds goes to building fresh water wells in South East Asia through our Water. Life. Love. Project. Check out the details here:



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