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Busy mom? Don't have time to grow your business? See these Tips!

If you're a busy mom and you're a business owner, you might think “how do I have time to post social media?”

Let me tell you.

My favorite tricks and hacks

Facebook and Instagram with meta business Suite. You can time and schedule your post like a month ahead of time.

So, on Saturday, I wake up early, couple hours before the kids get up, and I literally just start timing and scheduling posts.

I use GoDaddy Studio

to create my content, tons of stock, photos, and music

I preset-a bunch of hashtags and copy in my notes in my phone. (Use for more help!

So I I just copy and paste slap it on there. Depending on what I'm selling and what I'm doing,

Dont be afraid to repost old content, my favorite app is the repost app.

I go to any content that's older than three or four months. I'm going to go repost that Jank right back on my feed with all the hashtags and all of my copy all the way over.

And then how will they know?

Nobody will know.

People need to see you, seven different times in seven different ways in order for them to book you.

So there you go, guys. Busy mom Pro tip for growing your business.


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