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DIY DSLR photobooth with Android Phone

We have been with families, seniors and weddings for over five years, but the number one thing that we always get asked to do is photobooths. We have done them unofficially for AWHILE without the printer option. But this year, we knew that we needed to make the jump to get an official software program and run it like a real photobooth!

find your software program of choice:

After doing some research on what type of software we could get for our photobooth, we decided that SLR BOOTH (even though it's 10$ for a week of rental) was going to be easy to use, able to be an app on a phone/tablet (and not for only a pc like darkroom, or other programs)

This app is available through android and ipad- so check it out! We love the ability to use our professional NIKON cameras for it! There are not very many apps like that on the market!

finding custom templates was HARD! in fact, people are trying to sell them for over 25$ a piece and they are so hard to customize!

But to make a template on photoshop or illustrator- it's really super easy! As long as you have a program like GIMP, photoshop or illustrator that can make transparent backgrounds with little windows for the photos, then you are in business!

See the video that I watched here:

how to set up the booth:

  1. set up a tripod with a gorilla clamp for your phone or tablet. (see links below for all of all gear).

  2. find the chord that connects your camera to the computer and connect it to your device that runs your SLR app.

  3. You can use an external flash with a softbox, but we prefer to use a video light either battery operated or plugin! (That way you don't have to mess around with it firing or not!

  4. get out your props on a table and get your printer ready. We use the canon selphy (you'll need any extension chord to have power).

  5. Turn the app on and follow the instructions to get your camera going!

  6. Choose the right template. on SLR booth, you can do ONE photo, two, four or even the classic 8 strip size. You can also add your own custom template at this time!

  7. set up the printer. The canon selphy is wireless and can pick up the signal from your device. Just insert the ink and paper at this time! For a two hour photobooth that we had 50 people visit- we didn't even use ONE ink cartridge!

time to take pictures:

The app will count down for you- so get ready to cheese it up!

After you are done with your pictures- you should be able to send it to the printer.

print and enjoy!

now you have a really cool photobooth photo!

Here is the list of all of our products that we use for our photobooths:

Canon Selphy

ink and sheets

Nikon D750

some of our props:

35mm 1.8 lens

gorilla grip

back drop (not pictured in video, but we do usually use it for weddings)

Pantan tripod

PIxel phone for app

newwer ring light

extension chord

surge protector

See us working behind-the-scenes at an outdoor photobooth!


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Also, 10% of our proceeds goes to building fresh water wells in South East Asia through our Water. Life. Love. Project. Check out the details here:



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