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DIY posing table for headshots for less than $100- pro photo tips

Hey guys, it's Christal Marshall.

I'm in my garage today, I'm going to show you a really cool thing that me and my husband came up with and I thought it would be a really great thing to share with the community.

So I'm a headshot photographer.

I Do a lot of real estate and I do traveling to their homes.

The problem I've had a lot in past is to be able to find a posing table that I can put in my car, that is portable but can go from sitting like in a chair.

So I could do some of this-, it can be a desk situation or let me move it up.

This is a basic just newer stand that I got on Amazon, but I love it because it goes from Two and a half feet to about 5-6 feet , which is awesome. (See link here:

And the head is removable and I'll show you why in a second.

So, this is how me and my husband were able to figure this out. We put a tripod mount (see link here: ) on a piece of Butcher Block, we got from our kitchen, from redoing our kitchen, then it just goes on the skin and it tightens.

And the It can be folded up and put in a cart. This is just a nice little flat piece of wood. I can put it in my camera bag or the bottom of my wagon when I go to people's homes.

So it can be a nice posing table. I can do headshots like this, which is awesome. Again, if I was in a lower stool situation, I could be able to pose in a lower stool and have it a little bit lower.

A lot of flat lay. So I'm shooting above the client a lot of times. So it's nice to have like some really nice product type of flat way situation so we can have people like this, okay? Then for standing especially for males. It's really hard for me to find scenes in my studio. I'm very girly studio and you can see it on my stories. All that really crazy backdrops florals that we have that -two wagons on the property and all this stuff.

So I wanted to To come up with. A way for guys to like, lean to put their head up to have their hand, down to have something that they can lean against like this, we can have some shoulders.

And so, for me, having a table that can go up and down and just easily be wipeable anything that spills on it. It's a great little tool. I can happen like this.

This, this this hands are the Nemesis of any portrait photographer if you are comment below and you know what I mean? So you need to have some architecture in your studio and this is a great affordable way to do that.

See link to a butcher block cutting board here:

I will put links in the description to my blog where I got this, where got this connector piece. And, of course, if you don't have a piece of butcher block laying around and I didn't hear my husband came up with is go to the thrift store. Get yourself board- charcuterie board and go on Amazon.

Get a beautiful piece of charcoal to reboard Butcher. Block stick it on the thing right there. So I think total cost since it was free material, this one was around $50 in this piece was like 25. So I was able to make a posing table that goes from sitting to standing for like less than $100. That's my that's what I want to hear right there.

So if you want to spend money on a butcher block really nice piece. The cost is going to go up. Up. But for most standing tables, they go from 300 to 600 now.

So, this is a great little resource. I'll put the links in the description. Peace out. Guys, would love to hear any comments about what you guys are doing some tricks and hacks that kind of thing or you have an awesome night.

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