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Feeling Stressed? Feeling Pressure? Good.

your're not strong enough to handle this

In homeschool this week we're talking about the three different kinds of rocks.

Don't roll your eyes it's going to get interesting so just stay with me.

The first kind of rock is called igneous rock. It's formed after volcanoes in hot lava cool on the surface. Pumice would be an example of this.

The second type of rock is called sedimentary rock. This is where layers and layers of dead organic material has been piled up over years and years and years and created something fossilized. Coal would be an example of this rock.

The third type of rock was the most interesting to me. This kind of rock is called metamorphic.

It's formed when a sedimentary rock or in igneous rock is involved in extreme temperatures and pressures over a long period of time.

Send examples of these rocks are marble and quartz. One example where you see this type of rock is in the Taj Mahal. Almost the entire building is made of marble.

I was reading more about metamorphic rocks.

I looked up "what is the strongest metamorphic rock."

Many websites said quartz and it's family was.

Like I said,

quartz and isn't just made into the strongest rock on earth by just sitting out in the open with nothing pushing against it. It's formed through the fire.

It's formed over thousands of years of heat, pressure and extreme conditions.

Then I looked up what the weakest metamorphic rock was. Many websites said slate.

Slate will literally break apart while you work. It's very brittle.

Why is that, when both quartz and slate are both metamorphic rock formed in very similar ways?

So I looked it up: One website said,

"Slate is a metamorphic rock. It is the product of low-grade regional metamorphism, relatively low temperatures and medium pressures."

It's because slate is only given a medium amount of pressure and heat. It doesn't sit in the fire for a very long period of time. It's not subjected to a lot of pressure either.


So what is this have to do with you?

As a parent or as a mom, sometimes you literally feel like you've been thrown into the fire. You have so many pressures coming from you from all sides. It can be really overwhelming.

I know this might not be something you'd want to hear right now but praise God that you're being thrown into the fire. Praise God that you have pressures on your life.

Because from pressures and "fires" you can start to form into a really strong person that will last the test of time.

So just be patient. God is forming you into something amazing!



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