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Hampton Beach Spring Engagement Photography {Olivia & Adam}

You are NOT a real photographer unless you do this

I had the honor and privilege of taking this couple's engagement pictures in Hampton on a private beach near their home.

After a few random cold days in March, we had a perfect and crisp day for a walk at the beach.

I was so fun to just walk and discover the beach together! I wanted to take their sweet dog, but we were able to catch some cute ones before we left!

I couldn't be more happy with not only our photos, but our time as well!


Here is the Bride's story of how they met:

Adam and I met online. After a couple weeks of chatting, we made plans for our first date - an ODU baseball game. We only made it through a couple innings in the windy chill of early April 2015 before we ditched to go to a local bar in Ghent where we could talk inside; and the rest is history. Our engagement came in July of 2016. Adam only gets 4 days off every 16, so our weekends are precious when we do get to spend them together. I was wrapping up the summer theatre season at my work and we made plans for him to come see the show (something he normally would never do) and go to dinner at one of our favorite places in Yorktown (Water Street Grille) - which coincidentally is the place of our second date. After a nice meal, a couple beers, and some good live music, Adam decided we should to go for a walk down the beach and to the pier (where we shared our first kiss). As we approached the pier, Adam started to get a little anxious that so many people were around and we couldn't make it to the end. So as we turned to walk back, he mentioned it that it was a shame we couldn't make it to the end of the pier but that here (at the entrance) would have to do and he got down on one knee.


Thank you all both so much for an awesome time! I can't wait for the fall for your wedding!



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